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Although it would be ideal to be able to use any service or shop anywhere in general without the need for help, we realize that that is not actually possible. So, we created the ScaleLife’s Support Center.

This center is designed to help you get the most out of We hope it serves you well.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a ScaleLife Wallet?

You can only get a ScaleLife Wallet by signing up for a FREE ScaleLife User Account.

How do I earn my 1% cash back?

You’ll earn UNLIMITED 1% Cash Back on all purchases. This cash back will automatically be added to your ScaleLife Wallet balance after every purchase, so as long as you are signed into your account.

Is there a limit to how much my ScaleLife Wallet can hold?

No. There is absolutely no limit to how much can be held in your ScaleLife Wallet.

How do I add funds to my ScaleLife Wallet?

You can add funds to your ScaleLife Wallet using our Wallet topup service. This will be located within your ScaleLife Wallet, inside of your Store Account Preferences.

There is no fee associated with using the Wallet topup service to load funds into your ScaleLife Wallet.

However, a minimum Wallet topup of $10 is required in order to add funds into your ScaleLife Wallet using your Debit/Credit card OR PayPal account.

There is no maximum limit to the amount you can add to your balance using our top up service.

Can I track my orders?

Of course you can track your order’s progress. If you have decided to create an account then you can track your orders from your Profile page: Profile > Settings > My Orders.

If you decided not to create an account and simply checkout as a guest, then head over to our Order Tracking page and be sure to fill in the form with the Order ID and the Billing Email used during checkout. This can be found in your order confirmation email.

What are some of the benefits of having an account?

Some of the benefits of creating and using a ScaleLife User Account include:

  • A ScaleLife Wallet with your account.
  • UNLIMITED 1% Cash Back on purchases of $10 or more.
  • Earn cash in your ScaleLife Wallet for visiting our store daily.
  • Earn cash in your ScaleLife Wallet for leaving product reviews.
  • Keep an archive of your entire order history.
  • Easily reorder past orders from within your order history.
  • Easily manage and re-download any of your purchased digital content bought from our online store.
  • Easily manage and update your billing and shipping addresses for future purchases.
  • Easy Order Tracking / Faster Access to order Tracking Numbers.
  • Access to ScaleLife Social (a small social network built into
  • Send & Receive Funds With Your ScaleLife Wallet Between Other ScaleLife Members.

Are there any fees associated with the ScaleLife Wallet?

No. There are absolutely no fees associated with your ScaleLife Wallet!

It is free to add funds to your Wallet using our Wallet topup service and we will only charge you for the desired amount that you would like to add into your Wallet.

Do you offer FREE SHIPPING for Int'l orders?

Yes we do! The limit for Free Shipping Activation on International orders is as follows:

Canada – $80 (USD)
Mexico – $90 (USD)
All Others – $100 (USD)

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