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You can pay for your orders with your account’s Wallet Balance. The payment can be placed in full using your account balance or by using your Wallet Balance to partially cover the balance of your order. You are allowed to use eGift Cards and/or an Approved Debit/Credit Payment Method to finish covering the balance.

This article will teach you how to apply your account’s Wallet Balance to your current order.

Applying Your Wallet Balance

Applying your wallet balance to your order must be done at checkout.

While filling out your billing and shipping information, you can also get an overview of your order at the checkout screen. Here you can pick and choose your shipping methods as well as enter your debit/credit card information for payment.

If you pay close attention, just under the total, you will see a Pay by wallet option. Simply check this option off and your Wallet Balance will be applied to your order. — After doing so, you will see a new field dynamically appear that says, “Via wallet”, just under your shipping options. This field will display the total amount of your Wallet Balance that is being applied to your order

Screenshot Examples


A screenshot of the checkout screen before applying the Wallet Balance.


A screenshot of the checkout screen after applying the Wallet Balance.

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