Managing Your Pre-Orders

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Managing your Pre-Orders couldn’t be any easier than what it is with ScaleLife. We give you the tools you need to manage them right inside of your account dashboard. Simple head over to My Account > My Pre-Orders.

Your Pre-Order Dashboard

We’ve done our best to keep the Pre-Order dashboard as simple as possible. You will see a very simple table like structure containing the Order number, Product name, Pre-Order Status, Release Date, and a “Cancel” button just in case you change your mind.

Note 1: This “Cancel” button will only show up on orders that have not been completed.

Note 2: Pressing the “Cancel” button will immediately cancel your pre-order. There is no confirmation after pressing the “Cancel” button. Please be sure this is what you want.

Screenshot of the Pre-Orders management page.

To learn more about Pre-Order statuses, click here.

Previous Pre-Order Statuses
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