Breathing New Life Into ScaleLife!

Note: I work for ScaleLife as both the CTO and Lead Developer of their website. This post was made of my own accord.

David Saul Rodriguez II

Like every Vendor out there in the “Scale World”, ScaleLife is a proud small business. We pride ourselves on both on the quality of our products and our appearance online. A great shopping experience makes all the difference in the world and at ScaleLife we always aim to give you the “Gold Standard” when it comes to product quality and your shopping experience.

Unlike most vendors, our website gets frequent feature updates between major versions. This means that throughout the ScaleLife life cycle, we release updates every month, including both bug fixes and often times, major new features.

For example, one (1) month after the Beta launch of ScaleLife v0.1.0 in 2018, we introduced the ScaleLife Affiliates Program with v0.1.1 as a way to thank our customers. Three (3) months after the release of v0.1.1 and the affiliates program, we redesigned the site with v0.1.4 to give focus to mobile phone and tablet users like never before! And last but not least, one (1) month after the release of v0.1.4 we decided to release our famous CashBack™ feature with our v0.1.5 update which became an instant hit!

This semi- “rolling release” cycle means ScaleLife users get the latest features, fixes, and updates to our site and feature sets very rapidly, without having to wait around for a new major release. However, there comes a time in the release cycle when we need to shift our resources and priorities to the next major release that will bring even newer features, technical improvements and stability to the ScaleLife platform. In Itself Is Also A Product

If you didn’t catch on by now, this means that in itself is also a product of ScaleLife! Like all of our products and services, we are continuously reiterating, improving and updating to bring you the best quality and experience we have to offer.

ScaleLife has always kept a Changelog. This Changelog notates all of the changes that are made to the ScaleLife website and keeps records of those changes so that they can always be reviewed by anyone at any time.

Note: As of the start of the official v1.0.0 development, the Beta Launch Changelog for ScaleLife has been removed and is no longer be available.

Addressing The Shutdown In July Of 2019

Due to unforeseen circumstances in July of 2019, ScaleLife, LLC. announced the shutdown of and it honestly broke not only the hearts of our beloved patrons, but our hearts as well! – As a small business it always hurts to not be able to provide the products and services that we are truly passionate about. Unfortunately this shutdown was not due to financial reasons, but due to life-events that made making time for new business and new orders almost impossible.

It’s been well over a year since we shutdown and after diligent planning and preparation, ScaleLife, LLC. is back at it again and this time, we have no plans of ever leaving our beloved community and patrons again! In fact, we promised that we would come back even harder the second time around and guess what? We’re here to make good on that promise!

New Look. New Features. Same ScaleLife!

After careful analysis of the data collected from our sales, your shopping habits and most importantly, your feedback, we have improved our site in ways that we hope you all can appreciate, enjoy and benefit from.

The New ScaleLife Knowledge Base

As custom model builders we are all “Do It Yourselfers” and we all like to figure out and solve problems ourselves. So we’ve created a knowledge base to help you do just that. We realized that email support can take a while and a basic FAQ section can help, but sometimes it just doesn’t make the cut.

For this reason the ScaleLife Knowledge Base was created. This ever growing knowledge base contains articles, information and howto’s pertaining to both, your account and how the site operates.

The ScaleLife Wallet & CashBack™ Feature

The ScaleLife Wallet and our CashBack™ feature was an instant hit and something all of our customers absolutely loved, enjoyed and benefitted from. This is a feature that we have kept and even expanded on. It’s one of ScaleLife’s signature features and one of the main things that sets us apart from our competitors.

When we released this feature for all of our users, both new and pre-existing, we dumped $5 into each and everyone’s account wallet. At the time of the release for this feature, we had close to 350 active user accounts.

Less than 1 month after the release of the ScaleLife Wallet & CashBack™ features, we seen our user sign-up rate increase by 1,200% and our sales increase by a little over 1,500%. After this feature release and before the end of the month, we had over 4,200 active user sign-ups from all around the world.

For fun, let’s do the math to see just how much money ScaleLife gave away to it’s customers in total!

At the release of this feature, we had 350 active users and gave them all $5 each in their Wallet. This totaled out to $1,750 in total being given to our pre-existing customers. By the end of the month, we had 4,200 customers that we gave $5 each, for a grand total of $21,000 worth of profit being given right back to our customers.

That figure doesn’t even count the amount of money that was earned and given back to our customers via our CashBack™ feature. As long as you had an account and we’re signed in you always received UNLIMITED 1% CashBack™ with every order. It may not seem like a lot, but trust us when we tell you, that adds up big time!

Expanding On Our CashBack™ Model

As mentioned earlier, we’ve decided to expand the CashBack™ model. We’ve taken it from a static UNLIMITED 1% CashBack™ to a variable UNLIMITED 1% to 10% CashBack™ model on every item in the store. The amount of CashBack™ earned depends on the category or product itself.

This means you earn even more money back with every purchase at ScaleLife and you’re no longer limited to just 1% CashBack™ earnings.

To see a chart listing the CashBack™ amounts, click here.

The ScaleLife Membership Models

The new is now based on a membership model. This means that ScaleLife is now a members only site. We no longer offer guest checkouts and you must have an account with ScaleLife in order to purchase ScaleLife products.

Free Memberships

We guarantee that we will never move to a private membership model and we will always offer a free membership tier with access to all basic ScaleLife products and services.

ScaleLife’s free membership tier is known as the Bronze Membership. You can view and signup for the membership here and/or learn more about it from our knowledge base, here.

Premium Memberships

We now offer a Premium Membership model. In fact, we offer two separate premium membership types, and the perks far outweigh the costs. These memberships include features such as monthly-recurring free shipping couponsup to 20% discounts on all products and servicesaccess to exclusive premium membership only parts and lower subtotals towards free shipping.

The first of the premium membership models is the Silver Membership. This membership goes for $9.99/mo. You can view and signup for the membership here and/or learn more about it from out knowledge base, here.

The other premium membership model is the Gold Membership. This membership goes for $14.99/mo. You can view and signup for the membership here and/or learn more about it from out knowledge base, here.

Free Domestic & Worldwide Shipping

ScaleLife has always provided free shipping for orders with a subtotal of $50 (domestic USA) OR $75 (international) or more for every order placed. We’ve taken this free shipping model and expanded it even further by incorporating even lover subtotal rates for free shipping with our aforementioned Premium Membership models.

Learn more about free shipping works from our knowledge base article, here.

When Is The Grand Opening?

We are shooting for a November 1st, 2020 opening. So signup now, reserve your username, explore our knowledge base and get to learn the site as a whole. We look forward to serving you soon with all new parts and products!

The BSD Admin & ScaleLife team!

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