Posted on Leave a comment is now is the successor to Nothing has changed when it comes to ScaleLife. We have simply rebranded the site and updated our site’s theme to better align with this new look, as well as shopping and user experience. Over the past few months, David Rodriguez has been hard at work putting together a new major version of ScaleLife (a ScaleLife 2.0, if you will). It is the culmination of a ton of updates and improvements with three major goals:

  1. Provide a more refined user experience.
  2. Improve productivity for new and seasoned users alike.
  3. Take our customer shopping platform to the next level.

Today we’re proud to announce the release of

Updated Core Framework!

ScaleLife’s website is made up of two main parts: the “website” which includes the theme, content, and content management system that holds and displays all the data from our servers; and the “store” which contains the necessary point of sale system and relevant software to give you an online shopping experience.

At it’s heart, previous versions of (known as used a heavily modified version of WordPress and WooCommerce as the base of the website. The heavy modifications done to the base of the website simply weren’t worth the headache and time it would have required to get everything up to date.

So, we started fresh! Basing our core code base off of Ubuntu 18.04 LTS, WordPress 4.9.x and WooCommerce 3.5.x, the new is now faster, rock solid in it’s stability, and more secure than ever!

Providing a more refined user experience.

In order to provide a more refined user experience, we had to look deep into the current user experience and extract only the best practices from that. This would prove to be both simple in theory and difficult in practice. Providing a more refined user experience would mean that systems already in place, would have to be deprecated.

Take, for example, our ScaleLife eGift Cards, ScaleLife Credits and ScaleLife Paid Membership systems. Deprecating these system would prove to be difficult due to the fact that there are thousands of dollars worth of ScaleLife eGift Cards, Credits, and Memberships already in play. Luckily, most of the holders of these gift cards and credits have a ScaleLife account and we will gladly compensate them for the value of their gift cards and credits (unlike most stores).

Removing unnecessary services.

  • ScaleLife Credits
  • ScaleLife eGift Cards
  • ScaleLife Paid Members Accounts

Doing this would also mean that we would have to compensate for any purchased credits and paid memberships as well. In all honesty, we technically wouldn’t have to compensate any user or customer for their eGift Cards, Credits, or Membership purchases, as agreed to upon checkout. But here at ScaleLife, we believe in treating our customers and community members fairly and like we would our own family.

So we had to make it right and the ScaleLife Wallet was our way of doing that. We know plenty of our loyal customers have poured hundred into our products and services, So discontinuing them wouldn’t be easy. Not without a little backlash. So we had to make it all right with a service that would be able to compensate and eventually overcome them all.

Services that have been added, kept, and or improved upon…

  • ScaleLife Affiliate Program
  • ScaleLife Wallet (with 1% Cash Back)
  • Scale Network (Social Network for 124ScaleLife members)

ScaleLife Affiliates – What’s new?

Although this is one of the least active services of ScaleLife, we still figured that we would double down on the affiliate program. We’ve decided to keep it around for another year or so and see how well it goes.

So, we’ve added an easy Affiliate URL generator to the Affiliate Dashboard. Now you can simply copy the url of the item that you want to promote and paste it into the URL generator. It will then spit out an affiliate link for you to share, earning you a commission on any completed sale that you bring to us!

Introducing, ScaleLife Wallet!

ScaleLife Wallet is a wallet/payment service provided by ScaleLife for use with In a fashion similar to the app developed by Square, Inc., know as Cash App, that allows users to transfer money to one another’s account using a mobile phone app; This service allows users to add money into their ScaleLife Wallet account to pay for their orders or even transfer money to another ScaleLife User’s Account.

“What’s the perk of this?” You might ask. “Why would I add money to my ScaleLife Wallet when I can just purchase something outright?”  Those are all great questions and they all have a fairly simple answer too. You honestly don’t have to add a single penny to your wallet or use it! But the perks of having it attached to your account are absolutely awesome!

The ScaleLife Wallet is much more than just a way to pay for products and send money to any of your friends ScaleLife accounts. It’s a way for us to give back to you for being such loyal customers! You don’t have to add anything to your ScaleLife Wallet balance to watch it go up.

When you are signed in, purchases made with or without your ScaleLife Wallet balance will automatically receive 1% Cash Back on orders of $10 or more (up to $15 back per each transaction). You can then use your cash back towards your next purchase, or save it for later! To learn more, click here.

What is the Scale Network?

The Scale Network is a small social network that is enabled by default for members. You will have your own profile where you can post status updates, like other’s status updates, friend request other users, create private and public groups and much more. This small social network is in its infancy and will grow over time, gaining new features and functionality.

ScaleLife would like to build a vast community around its members. We all have a lot of knowledge and a lot of skill. Having an easy place to go to where it is all models, all the time, just seems like the right thing to do.

Where to go from here?

We here at ScaleLife have always been proud of our user design and experience delivery. This time, it’s no different. With a completely new design and user experience overhaul, we hope you enjoy the new version of ScaleLife.

Remember to add some cash to your ScaleLife Wallet and start enjoying all the benefits of it!

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