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Introducing the new ScaleLife Wallet

First off…

We (@124scale_customs and @thenixguy) here at ScaleLife would like to start out by saying, “Thank you for being such loyal and awesome customers!” It’s because of your loyalty and continued business that we were inspired to give back and double down on ScaleLife.

So what’s this about?

As a way of saying thank you and showing our appreciation, we’ve introduced the ScaleLife Wallet service. This is a completely FREE service and comes with every ScaleLife User Account. With your ScaleLife Wallet, you can store funds in your user account for a rainy day, earn UNLIMITED 1% Cash Back on all of your ScaleLife purchases, and more.

What are the perks?

  • $5 Credit To Get You Started!*
  • UNLIMITED 1% Cash Back On EVERY Purchase!**
  • Load Cash Into Your ScaleLife Wallet Balance***
  • Optionally Use Your Wallet Balance Towards Your Cart Total.
  • Earn $0.50 For Every Product Review.****
  • Earn $0.10 For Visiting & Browsing The Site Daily.*****
  • Send & Receive Funds To & From Fellow Members.

How does it work and how can I get more money in my Wallet?

It’s actually pretty simple. Every ScaleLife User Account will automatically come with a ScaleLife Wallet. This Wallet is attached to your account and is just as good as cash! In fact, you can even load your wallet with funds. Simply click on the wallet icon that shows your available Wallet balance and you will be brought to your Wallet.

From there you can add funds by selecting “Wallet topup“. You simply enter the amount you want to add into your wallet and checkout using your debit or credit card.  From there, once your purchase is complete, your funds will be immediately available in your ScaleLife Wallet.

You don’t have to necessarily add funds to your Wallet in order to see the balance rise. The beautiful thing about the ScaleLife Wallet is that you can earn money just by being a loyal customer! As a member (you must be logged in), you will get $0.10/day for each day you visit and browse the site. You will also earn $0.50 for every real and honest product review that you leave on an item that you have purchased.

Once you have funds in your ScaleLife Wallet, you can save them for later, send them to a friend’s Wallet that you know on ScaleLife, or use them towards your next purchase.

Now go make some money.

I beg of you all, make some money towards your next ScaleLife purchase and go leave product reviews! If you have a ScaleLife account, please sign in and leave a review on some of the products that you’ve purchased. If you’ve checked out as a guest, I would suggest creating an account.

If you can’t remember every product that you’ve purchased from us, please remember that you can always go back and check your order history. Every invoice attached to your account will have a link to the product page where you can visit and leave a review.

And finally…

To learn more about your ScaleLife Wallet, visit the ScaleLife FAQ page.

I hope you all enjoy, the new successor to We are very proud to bring this new shopping experience to you and we hope that you enjoy all the benefits that come with your new ScaleLife Wallet!


– David S. Rodriguez II (@openlydeveloped)


*New users will receive a $5 credit in their ScaleLife Wallet upon sign up. Additionally, all existing users will automatically be credited $5 into their ScaleLife Wallet balance as well. (Offer expires 12/31/2018).
**UNLIMITED 1% Cash Back on all purchases of $10 or more, before Taxes/VAT and shipping.

***You can load cash into your ScaleLife Wallet balance to use for a later date using the Wallet topup service provided by ScaleLife. A $10 minimum is required to use the “Wallet topup” service. Your balance will never expire and can be used when you see fit. Wallet topup purchases are non-refundable!
****Product reviews can only be placed on products that you have purchased. You must be logged into your ScaleLife account in order to leave a review and receive your Cash Back reward.
*****A total of $0.10 will be credited to your ScaleLife Wallet balance when you sign in to your account and browse the store. No purchase is necessary to receive this Cash Back reward.

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